[EU] Groupbuy maytech motors

We are going to move everything over to the new USA/EU combined group buy. the list will be combined and 3 choices have been added for motors

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Would be shipping to Russia (saint Petersburg) also possible?

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Yes with tracking excl insurance it is 31.46 euro’s. I will check if it can be cheaper

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Are you going to fit your trampa build with these bad boys?

I wonder if they’ll fit surfrodz rkp/tkp with janux mounts or psychotiller mounts.

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If not, it will be a no-go for me, as I want RKP and stuff from @psychotiller


I can share this picture with you image

To all guys in the poll… pls send a message to @hyperIon1 and place in the message that you are in the EU. So he can ship all motors for the eu groupbuy to me. I will send it to you from Belgium.


hope we will get a data sheet from @hyperIon1 soon. for what we have now it looks just like a 6374 with bigger bell… hope the specs say something different.

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They are working on one. But with the stator and winding of the 6374, keep in mind bigger magnets at 190kv won’t be a step back. With the addition to the new bearing should prove to be a superior motor both in power and durability

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Please place your name inside the document

What will the price be in Belgian monies for the 6374?

Any ideas what trucks will best fit the 68’s?