[EU] Help around belts and pulleys?

Hi there!

I’ve been searching through the net and this page and couldn’t really find any good timing belts for my build. I am about to have a 14t/36t setup with 60mm of distance(fixed distance). I was previously using htd5m 250 12mm belts. Those 250 with 50 teeth belts are kinda hard to find and/or poor quality. On the other side, the tension is spot on. So, I’m already ordering from eskating.eu a new motor pulleys (8mm bore, 14t, 12mm width), would you recommend that I jump up to 15t and use their 53 teeth 265mm belts? As of now, I have a 13t/36t and those 13t motor pulleys are worn out so I’m buying new motor pulleys(14t (or 15t) which are mentioned above) and wanna buy some new reserve belts too. So what do you recommend? And yea, where could I buy some red loctite or something to keep my motor pulleys in place hahah?

Thanks in advance!

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I moved to general discussion since it’s more for asking information than specific parts.


For belts and motor pulleys you could try these. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/ https://www.beltingonline.com/timing-pulleys-bars-272/htd5-pulleys-285/?zenid=vclc9ba90mel4gnl6hg1m4fap6 https://www.bearingsrus.co.uk/belts/timing-belts/metric-htd-belt/htd-5m