[EU-IT] 90mm/97mm abec clones

Hi I’m looking for a set of wheels for my board. It doesn’t have to be new but neither completely destroyed.

I can’t decide if I should go with 90 or 97mm. Currently i’m on a 230kv 16/36 ratio and I usually start giving a little push to the board. I’m scared that a 97mm wheel could lower my acceleration too much. Can anybody help me decide?

Anyway if you have any spare set to sell hit me up.

errr I have 2x 90mm wheels


i run 97mm wheels since a week with 6s and 245kv motor 15/40 gear and i have no complaints, i even have like -30% on my throttle curve to get a smooth start. i weigh like 80kg with clothes.

So be it. I’m going for the 97mm ones. This will also help me with that minefield of holes that is my city… :slight_smile: