[EU] LaCroix Deck, Trampa trucks, 8072S, VESC6 Plus, 11s6p 30Q [SOLD]

Based in Berlin, but can ship to the EU.


  • LaCroix Prototipo Deck and battery enclosure
  • Trampa Ultimate trucks (titanium axle)
  • Superstar wheels, Urban treads
  • APS 8072S 6KW
  • 11S6P Samsung 30Q
  • VESC6 Plus
  • DieBieMS
  • MeanWell 300W charger
  • BLE module

Asking for around €1.5k.

IMG_0165 image image image image image IMG_0173


You got prices?

I genuinely have no idea what it would sell for. I don’t want to be that seller that way overestimates the selling price. The deck goes for 700 dollars new, but I don’t know how much being used and the holes I drilled takes off that :man_shrugging:

More interested in the trucks :joy: Are you looking for anything? also, is the motor mount for sale too?

No worries :smile:

It is, but I (and you can see a pattern here lol) drilled M4 holes in it to fit an 80xx motor instead of the stock 63xx.

What battery is in there I am interested in all off it. Witch remote u got? Specs overall and the age of the board?


11s6p 30Q with about 4-5 cycles on it. There’s a DieBieMS and a VESC 6 Plus inside. Motor is an APS 8072S. Remote is a 3D printed baby buffalo, but I’ve been having cutout issues with it so I’d give it for free for testing.

In terms of price, I guess I’d be happy with maybe 1000 euro?


How much for just the trucks?

Im instrested in the wheels pm me with a price

175 euro for both?

This is a nice deal, €1000 would be a great deal for the lot. Would it be difficult to convert the pack to 12s?

maybe a sign I shot a bit low, right? :joy:

It was originally was a 12s, with an externally mounted VESC, but I wanted it to be a bit more rugged and splash resistant so I removed a pack of 6 cells and put the VESC in their place. It wouldn’t be hard to undo that.

It also wouldn’t be hard to remove another pack of 6 and add a second drivetrain.

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This is an insane deal at 1k euro. If I needed even a fraction of these parts I would be all over this like a fat kid on cake.

The fact that this is still sitting here at that price blows my mind.

Get on this gents.



Someone will pm an offer of €1k within 48hrs for sure, worth 1.5k easily, very easily

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Fixed the post, I really didn’t think used parts went for much of a proportion of their new price.

Yeah you’re right, normally it’s only a fraction of the original prices But here you have some highly wanted stuff (in EU, Lacroix is not common here)

(The build fall more on the very-powerful / beast builds of the forum, 11s6p and) I just realized it was single drive… a dual 6.6 with 8072 and you have your beast build

I dislike myself for saying that because I can only affords cheap parts but when selling stuff, aim a little high (not saying to the moon), and if nobody wants it, just lower the price

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Ah okay, that makes sense. Thanks :slight_smile:

There is nothing wrong with correcting this to 1.5k, still very good value, with easy change to monster power for another €500 = total animal

Plus just ride and enjoy a perfectly good design as is


Vesc6 ?$ how much

I’m moving in a month, so I’m willing to go lower on the price for EU buyers :man_shrugging:

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