[EU] Local DRV Repair Service

So the unevitable happened. I also got the drv error. Full disclosure though: I abused the vesc hard and it ran great for a year. Biggest culprit: inadequate isolation (duct tape lol) and water damage.

Since I don’t have the tools I went out and found this pc repair guy who was willing to do it for around 20 bucks. I’ll go next week and see how it goes. His turnaround is crazy fast… one day!

If his work is good and there is enough demand from the community I can make him drop his price a little. Anyone who has a broken vesc and is willing to send it to me for repair let me know below or pm.

Will keep you guys updated.

Located in The Netherlands.


FIY - Repair in the Netherlands

Its easy to find someone who can replace it locally but the problem is that he does not understand the VESC as the guys on the forum and if something else is broken 3.3v or 5v shorted he probably wont notiece it or something and if you do not have the tools and know how to do it…it wont work in the end

@Martinsp can do that, he is located in Slovakia.


I can only recommend @Martinsp , his service is a bit pricey but more than excellent. Je will replace everything that need to be replaced. Inspect the whole unit and be sure it will work flawlessly before he send it back. I think a vesc repair guy needs to fully understand what it’s about


Thank you very much for the recommendation guys! @goldrabe @ElskerShadow

@RedEagle If you are interrested you can read more about the service I provide here: http://electricskateboard.repair/index.php?id_product=12&controller=product Feel free to PM me if you want any more details or have questions. :slight_smile:



Just let us know if the repair went alright, just blown my drv :frowning: so I’m interested!!

Nijmegen based btw


Just shipped mine to Martin as well, if he can repair mine that guy can fix everything then.

I werent nice against that vesc, shorted legs broken pcb no usb bad soldering.


Any good news ?!

The guy went on vacation(go figure) and just returned a few days ago. I’ll go by his shop later today.

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Else Martinsp is also hella fast! And he did an amazing job.

Mine looks brand new from the pictures ive seen, when i shipped it the vesc had burn marks everywhere poor soldering broken PCB and all and he did a real good job on it.


I picked up the vesc earlier today. Had a look at it and I must say he did a good job. I don’t see anything alarming. Vesc works fine.



Does it work?

Yes, it does.

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I went back today to discuss if they wanted to repair vescs for the community. After a bit of going back and forth they said they’ll charge €15 labour. You’ll have to pay for the drv and shipping since they are a small business and focus mostly on pc repair and they don’t happen to have a bunch of drv’s lying around. If anyone is interested let me know.

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holy shit, that is some really nice work!

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Has anyone had any recent news? I need to repair (possibly in EU) a damaged Focbox (DRV Fault) but on SPRUSI the purchase of the repair is no longer selectable, and from Eskating I don’t get an answer. Help

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@Martinsp would be my first stop for vesc repair


Yes, I tried to contact him on his site (SPRUSI) but the repair option is disabled and does not respond to messages. Now I wrote him here on the forum, I hope to have good news from him. I was wondering if anyone has more up to date news.

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Hello, (I replied to you already but for anyone that stumbles upon this) I unfortunately can not remove the add to cart button on the web, it is meant to be just an info page. I Wil have to redo it do make it more clear but for now it is just an info page until I figure out a better way to do it.

Regards, Martin.

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