[EU] looking for Kegel pulley

Looking for Kegel compatible aluminium pulley, preferably 36T and 15mm. Located in the EU.

I sell Nylon pulleys in those configurations, very strong and not going to let you down anand I use them on my own board.

Let me know if you are interested. I’m in the UK

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You can also jump on GB for tayto and get the pulleys only.

I might be interested by one of your pulley, but it depends on the price of it ? How much would it be for a single pulley, including shipping to france ? Thank you !

@BigBrit Thanks for the offer but I’m looking for aluminium one(s). Plus I have a 3D printer myself :wink:

@Grozniy That’s a nice idea but I’ll wait if someone maybe has a used and cheap pulley since it would be going to a budget friendly build I’m doing for my friend.

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Can’t get much better than these ones. https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/fatboy-abec-kegel-wheel-pulleys-36t-40t-44t/63800?u=lrdesigns

These pulleys require at least 47mm axle. Bkb pulleys can be mounted on regular 37mm axle

Fair. And anodized. They both have their up sides.

These are in Europe. Fat boys have more hanger clearance if that matters to you. Or it’s more that the hanger can go into the pulley a little.

Hi there

Full 100% Nylon with 5 X 50mm M4 bolts £22.50 plus postage. That is the price for 1 pulley, a face adaptor and the 5 bolts.

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I have a pair of 15mm 36T just finishing on the printer, so could ship this type right away.

Just order from bkb or torqueboards in US or cut off some hangar to use the Fatboy pulleys, cutting the hangar is not that hard

If you have your own printer just print a pair of Nylon ones… they last forever and if it’s really a budget build then your only cost is your materials.

Aren’t those @JuniorPotato93 pulleys from thingiverse? You are not allowed to sell these according to the license for anything more than pure print cost.

I’m, selling new gears and belt, look in my post the pictures

I have these and the Quality is excellent for 30-ish$

We’re also selling a press fit model, $16.75 for NA Customers or £17 for EU with VAT.