[EU] Looking to buy a set of Caliber 2 trucks

Looking for a pair for Caliber 2 trucks. I live in Norway and almost no sellers here distribute the Caliber 2 trucks here, would love to buy a pair from a fellow esk8-er if anyone has some laying around. Can be any colour.

Also interested in buying just one if someone for some reason have a lonely truck laying around.

http://www.sickboards.de/de/shop/46-longboards?gclid=Cj0KCQjwi8fdBRCVARIsAEkDvnIba-uxYqTYV2AE_8_-LOiK82dBulMlbX1JlrBDglWZHx_ubHqgXjIaAkfREALw_wcB is it what you looking for?

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if you gonna buy caliber 2 trucks, you can just go and buy the new eskate caliber with extended axles @e.board_solutions sells them

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https://www.blue-tomato.com/en-IS/product/Caliber-184mm+50+Raw+Silver+Truck-286275/ Screenshot_20181001-100659


75 USD shipped to your address with import charges pre-paid and all. If you add 10 USD you get a set of bones bearings.

I’ve heard that Caliber-II (second gen) has many improvements over the first gen, But that could just be marketing or maybe both. some improvement and some inflation of improvement.

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Thank you all for replies, Im gonna buy from amazon, don’t need extended axles (famous last words)

I am waiting on a pair of SR trucks, mounts and six shooters from psychotiller. As soon as they arrive I will list my Caliber II 50 trucks with eskating mounts, motor pulleys etc. If you are interested and can wait 1-2 weeks let me know.


PMed you :slight_smile:

do you already have a truck mount? if so where did you get it?

Bought from @dickyho here on the forum, they arirved today and are looking very promising!

Looks to be good quality for a fair price, but vant recommend until I have tested them (probably later in the autumn or next spring)

let me know what you think of them still lookin for a good solid cheap mount for caliber trucks for 50mm motors

Check out his thread, some experiences there already!

i eventually ordered a quiet expensive one from usa but @dickyho has a mount on ebay wich is used quit alot