[Eu] Lots of Parts to Sell (Focboxes, Trampa Board, Turnigy Graphene, 300W charger)

First of All My Trampa Board (already Sold, sorry) EDIT: I forgot to mention I am from Austria EDIT: BOARD IS STILL AVAILABLE, (the guy who wanted to buy it was a scammer) . So I won’t send the big Parts (Deck etc.) anywhere out of Europe. 4850(1)4950 Focbox (4 Times) 129 for one (if you take more we can talk about this 5353(1)5554 Turnigy Reactor: 59€ 51(1) Turnigy Power Supply: 99€ 52 Turnigy Graphene (4 available one sells for 79€ if you by more we can talk about this price) 51


Prices? Location?

how much for the trucks to 2156 Sydney Australia

How much for the deck??

Only 1 battery?

4 Batterys

You should post prices or this thread will get crowded with people asking for individual quotes

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Deck and trucks boundle price?

sorry the deck is already sold

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What about the trucks ?

Sorry, I meant the whole Set (Deck, trucks, tyres) is already sold


what is and what isnt sold?