[EU | Madrid] SALES! Adjustable SR RKP baseplates | 6354 | Pulleys | Belts

Hi all,

Since I’m planning to upgrade my ChooChoo based build with some new parts, following are to be sold and sent from Madrid, Spain (shipping costs not included):

BowerySurf adjustable baseplates for SurfRodz RKP Description: Black, few minor scratches, almost new condition. One bolt has oxyd, to be replaced.

Price: 45€ each, 75€ both


2x Turnigy SK8 6354 140kv Description: Used around 800km, minor scratches, almost new. Shaft was cut down to fit in 3DServisas GearDrive (¿14mm? don’t remember).

Price: 45€ each, 75€ both


4x red anodized motor pulleys from Aliexpress Description: D type, new

Price: 1x3€ | 2x5€ | 3x8€



4x HDT5M 330mm 12mm belts Description: D type, new

Price: 10€



Cuirassier knee + elbow pads for MTB/motocross Description: Brand new, cheap but effective Price (USD): 10€ + 15€ | 20€ both


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All these prices are without shipping cost from Madrid (Spain) and without the fee on Paypal, both to be paid by the buyer.


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BLACK FRIDAY SALES!!! :sweat_smile:

This is the lowest my prices can go!!! Someone has to take these parts!!! :frowning: :frowning:

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