[EU] Meepo 30" deck (w/o kicktail) + front truck

Hey guys, just selling some parts that I got from a used meepo v2 I bought for the battery. The seller rode it for ~100km so parts are barely used. IMG_20181214_195318


  • 1 truck: 10€
  • 30" decks, without kicktail. 20€
  • brand new wowgo remote w/o esc: 10€

How much for only the hubs to Iceland?

Post office online service says 20€ shipping. I have an offer for the whole bundle though. If it goes through I won’t be splitting the parts.

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Interested in the 30” kt but I live in the US

How much for all parts shipped to USA?

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Hey US buds, here’s my post office quotes: https://gyazo.com/9c7420923e5424c73658eed104118079 I didn’t weight the items yet but I suppose this is around 3-4kg. Not really interesting to ship to US. Maybe you have another parcel service which would provide cheaper quotes to suggest.

Edit: tried UPS they offer a very reasonable quote of 450€ but it’s extra fast lmao

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That’s not too bad. That does include the delivery truck itself, right?


They did mention a “Happy ending”. Apparently something related with the truck driver. But I0m french and I don’t understand english so fuck do I know what it means. Sorry for the strong language in France we use those words as ponctuation ^^


Do you have a quote for shipping to Croatia. Im interested in motors and a deck?

Je viens de recevoir mes enclosures neuves ce matin salfou j’aurait pu te les prendre si j’avais su :rofl:

Can the hubs be connected to focbox?