EU-Motor DYMOND 6374-200KV- 110€

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I´m talking about these Dymond Motors:

The are produced for “Staufenbiel” a german RC-parts supplier.

They have nice flexible silicon wires. Motorshaft is 8mm with one flat, shaftlenght is 30mm. 63mm diameter 72mm long 813 gramm

Using them at the moment with 8S Lipo, they perform good so far. Comparable to the SK3-6374-192kv imo.

From left to right: SK3 - APS - RSPEC - DYMOND



Looks larger than the other motors, sk3 is smaller i know, is it larger than aps and enertions? Like the big holes in the front and rear.

Maybe i got you wrong but do you see the picture above?

Ye it looks to me like’s a bit larger. but im not sure

Enertion: 6372 Diamond: 6374

The Shaft of the Diamond motor seems longer otherwise equal.

and sk is 6374 but its 59mm diameter… means nothing sometimes-.-

Regardless the kv:

SK3 6374 = 63mm Diameter and 74mm Bodylength SK3 6355 = 63mm Diameter and 55mm Bodylength

There are also 5050 motors… So i dont get what you mean by your sentence. Could you enlighten me?

What do you mean?

sk3 is not 63mm diameter it is actually 59mm, but anyways it’s tagged as 6374. got it? the alien is 63mm like it’s called. and this dymond looks even bigger on the pic, i want someone to confirm or deny this.

just check the pictures of the motor at the product page @Nowind posted in the first post, there is a picture with all the measures of the motor

Okay now i got your point. i’ve never measured my SK3 motors… i always believe the data from the manufacturer…

Messured Dimensions of the different motors:


been looking at the diamond while looking for parts for my first build, couldn’t resist now after you’ve been pushing these pictures under my nose again, it’s on it’s way now :slight_smile:

question now is, upgrade or just start all over with a new build :wink:

Thanks @Nowind it’s always good to see new parts enter the sphere! Any thoughts on performance?

Dont see big difference from performance compared to SK3.

BTW : out of stock … LOL

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