(EU) motor mount wanted

Hi there

I was in the group buy for @Shogu12 but he doesn’t respond to anyone anymore. Hope he’s doing ok

@thisguyhere bought some (if not all) of his stock and shipped it to murica

I was wondering if there are any people in europe who can help me and possibly others on a mount for caliber 2 trucks? If not i will order a mount from thisguyhere, although it seems a little like a waste of money to get such a part shipped across the world :sweat_smile:


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In the case you didn’t buy the trucks yet, this could be something for you :https://electriclongboardsolutions.storelaunchers.com/products/truck-belt-driven-motor

Fortunately I already got my trucks! But thanks

Check @WSB 's thread for motor mounts. Great Design & quality.


Thanks! That looks awesome. Wonder how it didnt come up on my search on this forum :worried: oh well