EU - Motor Mounts

All mounts are for Caliber II trucks or like SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED!

2 x torquboard V3 - 20 euros each or set for 30. 1 x carbon enertion clone - SOLD 1x Golden Enertion V2 - 20 euros Random threaded mount without plate - free to whoever buys first

Motors and g form pads in photo not included



Where are you from?

It’s look like an alien power motor mount or maybe the torqueboard is not in the picture

@Sebious - Sorry dudebro maybe you are new. They are older Torqueboard as stated V3…their latest are V 5-6

Alaska originally - but live in Madrid, Spain

My bad I thought it was alien mount at first sight

Im interested in carbon enertion clone, does it fits 63mm motors, and can it be reversed? Also how much is shipping to Croatia