[EU] MTB Build part-out

Hey guys, been a while since I’ve visited this forum. This time I’m sadly enough posting this message since I’m planning to sell the components from my E-MTB. Reasons for selling are that I am in need for cash for other projects, and have been stopped by the local law enforcement one too many times. I have spent too much money on this and can’t afford to pay more fines.

I’m parting it out except if someone wants to buy it all at once.

parts for sale are:

  • 2 APS 6355 190kv motors (painted black and bearings changed out) - 100€ (reserved)
  • Focbox Unity (new, ran 2 times on the streets) - 300€ (reserved)
  • 2 Trampa infinity trucks, only spring loaded (these were bought used, scratched up on the bottom) missing two spacers int the front atm - 100€ for the pair (sold)
  • 2 2x5s 8000mAh Lipo packs (these are 2 5s 8000mAh lipo’s in one heatshrink) both stored at storage voltages at all times, still balance great. Comes with a cable to wire as a 10s 16000mAh and connectors needed to wire balancing lead adapters if you’re wanting to add a bms, swapped the connectors to xt90 - 100€ each
  • Supower 10s 150a bms (bought used, but after testing never installed by me) - 40€
  • @Nowind made chain drive, These ones but not anodized. 8/40 gear ratio with sprockets for mbs fivestar hubs and all mounting hardware. (pristine condition, only changed the wheel sprocket by drilling countersunk holes for the screws) - 250€ (sold)
  • full set mbs fivestar hubs, with 9" mbs tires (new hubs and tires, ran about 100m) - 125€ (sold)
  • Mystery trampa style deck, flex for around 80-90kg - 50€ (sold)
  • 42v 5a charger with xlr plug, comes with a mountable docking connector and extra high quality xlr plug -20€
  • Steelbird air helmet in Blue, large size (still too small for my head, should be great for people with an average head) - 50€
  • set of steel capped shin and elbow protectors - 20€
  • mbs binds - 20€ (sold)

Total sum board: €1205, If you take the full board I’ll probably let it go for €1100 or similar, pm me for this. (reservation is local and still far in the future, has agreed to let go if overbid or package sale)

So this not a Trampa made deck, more like a “Trampa clone”?

As far as I thought, it is an old trampa deck, that someone cut into a different shape. The material really looks like trampa when lying next to one, but since I can’t be sure I’m selling it like this “I think is trampa” deck.

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