[EU] Need parts for my first build

Hi, after lurking here for a few weeks, I’ve finally decided I want to build my first eskate. I would prefer to buy used but functional parts, this includes:

  • Dual hub motor
  • Preferably an Evo 36 Falcon 36"
  • A VESC
  • An enclosure
  • And an assembled battery pack preferably in a 10s2p/10s3p configuration

EDIT: I think I’ll just stick to pre-built boards for now. Maybe in the future, I’ll make a belt driven DIY board, who knows

The easiest way is: buy a Meepo, wowgo, ownboard,etc. And transplant everything to another deck. They are starting to sell 10s3p 30Q packs also.

Alright thanks, ill take a look at that. Would it be possible to switch out the ESC to a VESC and use a firefly remote?

I haw dual Meepo hubs with replaceble tires. Brand new.

In Sweden

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Like i said, i would much prefer used parts, however i might be interested. What would you want for it?

Sure but you’ll need 2x vesc for dual motors.

I think i will do this, however i live in an apartment and i dont have the best ventilation. Do you know if the Evo 36 Falcon has fiberglass on it?

Are you planning to cut the board?

im planning to route the wires under the grip tape. not sure if its a good idea or not

I would not advise it. In the future you’ll want more range and more power, meaning more batteries and 1 long enclosure. So it’s not worth it the extra trouble

@bigben is the man for enclosures.

alright, so i think ill buy a https://eskating.eu/product/landyachtz-evo-falcon-36 and an enclosure https://eskating.eu/product/abs-slim-enclosure-24x150x500mm . which board do you think is the best/cheapest board to deck swap?

https://www.sickboards.nl/en/longboards/17603-landyachtz-evo-falcon-36-deck-only.html?search_query=Falcon&results=8 European warranty guaranteed

Sorry, i meant electric skateboard to swap. i do intend to use a falcon evo as the new board

So this is one option of battery. But I’m sceptical that it will fit in eskating enclosure :thinking: If you have flexibility in the budget, I would commission a custom battery from @pjotr47 or maybe even @taz

Thanks for the reference Roman but I haven’t decided if I want to start offering battery building services apart from myself and friends.


This search you have to do yourself :wink: also check YouTube for reviews

If I were doing this build, I would get Meepo 100mm hubs/front wheels and Meepo Shredder truck set, Meepo Classic ESC or Flipsky 4.20 plus VESC, Torqueboards 10s4p (always go for more battery than you think you’ll need), and if going VESC, Flipsky Nano or your feather remote.

i’ve got a 12s2p battery pack for ya. i live in the netherlands. the pack is made out of 5000mAh cells so it has decent range. PM me if interested :slight_smile: