(EU) Never used Vesc 4.12 and 10s2p batterypack for sale!

Hello builders, I am selling these parts as I am abandoning the projekt I would have used them for:

Vesc 4.12 from eskating.eu.

Unused with xt90 connector. 90€ shipped.

10s2p Battery pack from eskating.eu with xt90 connector, 20amp cont., 40amp burst bms, battery percentage indicator and charger.

Unused as well. The switch on it is for turning on the indicator only! I removed the plastic wrap on top, to move the bms later on, but I never moved it. 180€ shipped.


Is that an 4amp charger?

Seems to be a 2 amp charger

hey i would buy the vesc i live in germany, how much would that be with shipping, i dont need the battery just the vesc if you still have it ?

hey, you still have this battery?

I do, would sell it for 60 including shipping.

Yes, it’s still available

ok nice how can i send you the money ?

and the vesc works good or ?

It is brand new, I bought it but never got to build something using it.

Do you have PayPal?

Where are you in EU- Will be in Netherlands/Belgium in 2 weeks- interested in battery.

I am in Austria.

heey still have the vesc ?

Already sold it ):

Have you sold the battery as well?

No, haven’t sold it yet

Looking thru these comments… Is the battery for sale still? At 60?

The battery is still available, the 60 where the price I of the vesc though. Would sell the battery for 170€ including shipping.

I’ll gladly take it off you for that price :slight_smile:

@Seikeau Would gladly sell it to you, just write me a message. :blush: