(EU) New E-Toxx Direct Drive & Motor Spurs

All these items are for sale and have never been used or installed. Prices do not include the shipping costs. Items are in Spain.

E-Toxx Dual Direct Drive - 400€

Gear Spur for 10mm shaft - 10€

Trampa Vesc Mounting plate - 10€ SOLD

E-Toxx VESC6 Enclosure - 140€ - SOLD

2 x VESC 6 including Canbus cable and Bluetooth dongle and sensor cables - 385€ - SOLD

IMG_20190513_174351_462 IMG_20190513_174315_454 (upload://Vt4nU86QWFPIWuA6Yb3UtN3EiD.jpeg)



DIbs on the motors, Have you tried spinning them up? I’ve seen some post about whining APS motors. Would be great if you could test that.

PMed for VESC6

I have not tried the motors, I would have to solder new connectors as they do not fit my actual controller. I have 6 x APS motors and they have all worked perfectly out of the box. I will give you your money back if you have any issues.

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I own a pair of APS as well, they’re not the same motor however so I’m a bit paranoid. Will PM you shortly :slight_smile:

@JensSjogren Didnt u need big boy etoxx drive? (sell me your small one :wink: )

I have 2 identical E-Toxx drives, one I never used. I though I would have to boards, but I happy with my current setup.

whatsup, I’m interested in those motors! sending PM

E-TOXX enclosure and maybe the 2 vesc6

What motor? 6374?

I have 2 whining motors about to change out bearings on my quad.strangly enough both on one side of board.APS 6384

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Motors are sold, Gaza I just sent you a PM.

PayPal for the e-toxx?

Hi, it’s an old thread, but just in case, is the Direct Drive mount still for sale? And does it include a gear spur for 8mm shaft, or do you only have the 10mm gear spurs that you are selling separately?