[EU] New FocBox for Sale - Sold out

Dear fellow Europeans,

I am selling a bunch (three for now) of new, unused, sparkling, fresh Focboxes to anyone who is interested. See prices below :arrow_down_small:

The price for each Foxbox contains a 15€ donation to Benjamin Vedder, the noble initial developer of this awesome piece of engineering and its software. (Proof of payment will be provided)

Oh and I can replace the bullet connectors with 5.5mm ones for 5€ per VESC.

Item €uros
Focbox incl 15€ donation 120
Paypal Fee in case of G&S 3
German shipping tracked 6
EU shipping tracked 9


Hi! I’m interested for the 2. I’m sending you a PM!

@koralle my hat off to you sir for putting money where money is due :tophat:

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10 char

not yet 10ch

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I’d take two (shipped to Germany), if still available.

ok sorry guys @tcali answered so there’s only one left for now.

Would take that vesc!

sold 10char