[EU - NL] Huge garage sale! PRICE REDUCED!

i am selling my spare parts i live in netherlands (europe)

20180831_140017 green= mbs wheels €45 orange= orangatang kegel €35 (sold) red= 72mm soft wheels €30 purpl= used 83 mm wheels €20 (sold)

20180831_140027 diyeboard 10s dual belt motor esc remote never tested it… €55

20180831_140106 electricboardsolution abec pulley 36t €10

20180831_140102 slick revolution wheel pulley €10 20180831_140048 diyeboard wheel pulley (included bearings!) €5 20180831_140052 enertion wheel pulley 12mm 36t(bearing included) €10 20180831_140038 alienpowersystem motor mount! with caliber ring €45 thanks sam hoekstra


are you in US or EU? I might be interested in mbs + kegel

sorry should have said that. i live in netherlands (europe)

How much for the APS mount ?

will take the kegels if they are a good price delivery to UK

also interested in the MBS wheels

13 euro for shipping.0-2kg. what u offer ??

40ísh?? mayeb offer me what u think

gr sam

im interested these if shipping is 13 Euro - did you have a price in mind?

@BigBrit I’m more interested in the MBS than the Kegals :slight_smile:

and im more interested in the kegels tbh so happy to move asside on those

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35 euro including shipping?

Mbs wheels 70 incl shipping (so 57 for the wheels) Kegels 55 incl shipping (so only 42 for the wheels) I think that is both fair What u think guys ?

Gr sam

That’s almost £50, too much for me for used wheels, is there movement?

100 euro for the mbs wheels and the mount. And ill pay shipping as long as its not raping me.

are you ship in italy? :slight_smile:

110 incl shipping cost you got a deal

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Interested in that dual motor esc. PM Sent.

Stil available:)

Still available

Ah! now you reduce the prices after I buy new kegels! Doh

Hey, zijn de msb banden nog beschikbaar?