[EU-Norway] Wanted dual 6374 motors, 130-170KV , preferably sensored and sealed

[EU-Norway] Wanted dual 6374 motors, 130-170KV, preferably sensored and sealed. Little used or new.

Best regards Fatos BLAKAJ

Email maytech with your specs and see how much. I assumed theyd be somewhere around 150 to 175 each shipped

Are they any good. Those alien motors, unik boards, torqueboard are they better quality or the same sh… .

Thanks anyway. Ill contact them.

Subjective question but I think so… I look at specs n such but at any rate I had one motor I got off a seller from eBay and needed is matching twin and the only way was to contact them and they fulfilled my order quickly and how I needed it. =)

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Hey Fatos, I have the contact of the guys who make the alien motors. Let me know if you are interested into talking directly to them

@Igor Yes please

HobbyKings sk8’s fill your criteria my friend

@mynamesmatt Yeah, but it ships only from international warehouse, that will take way to long time to get them

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if you ship express (which isn’t that much more) it takes about a week

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Thanks. Didn’t know that.

took them 3 Days to ship to sweden from Hongkong.