[EU] Parts for sale (diyeboard dual belt drive , Koowheel gen 2 battery , Koowheel dual esc and remote...)

Hello, I need some money to finalize my 2 builds so i am selling the following parts:

  1. Used and abused Koowheel gen 2 dual hubs with front and rear trucks and 97mm wheels (still working great) : NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE. I removed the hubs from the trucks and they are still in perfect condition, i will keep them for a future built.

  2. Almost new Koowheel gen 2 5500mah 10s battery. Used 2 times at most. I received it as replacement for my broken Kooboard battery about 2 months ago. It has now been ±1 one month since the last charge. I want to sell this one asap.–> 75Euro

  3. Koowheel gen2 dual esc for hubs (with remote) : Works flawlessly but Koowheel connector has been swapped to xt60 because i used a 10s5p battery with it instead of the standard one. Please note that the esc casing and the remote have been damaged because of an accident (Pics will come). Other than the visual damage the esc works without issues. –> NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE , will keep it for a future build

  4. Kooboard gen2 deck (to be restored as it could need a new paintjob , has many drilled holes ) --> 30 euro

  5. Orange Single hub wheel (ordered from Banggood , 70mm i think , need to double check) . Never used --> SOLD

parts are max. 6 months old but i have to admit i abused them a lot. Going full speed 80% of the time as i have long roads with almost no traffic in my neighbourhood :slight_smile:


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Hey mikedev I’m interested in the battery and the esc plus the remote could we make 100€ for the two Things? Btw where are you located in europe. Thx david

Hello , that’s ok for me. I am from Belgium. But i’ll send you pics of the esc and the remote so you can take a look at what’s damaged. It’s only aesthetic and has no impact on the functionality but i prefer that you see it first. I might have a pic on my mobile (i am at work right now) will check and send it to you if i can find one . If not i’l lsend you pics this evening . I won’t be at home before 7pm. Grtz

I found a pic of the remote but will need to take one of the esc. I’ll do when i am back home. This is how the remote looks like: 20180814_171044

battery: 20180815_15104320180815_15105120180815_15112620180815_15120920180815_15111220180815_151245

The esc is still functional BUT has some damage because of a recent accident. The casing is scratched and the parts that can be screwed to the deck came loose (see pics) , i’ve also replaced the koowheel connector by an xt60 connector . Because i have 2 left hands and i really suck at soldering you might need to redo the xt60 soldering (but i don’t think so ). Please take note of this before buying the esc! I am willing to do a refund in case you’ll notice other issues but it really shouldn’t be the case as i’ve tested it a few days ago and it worked flawlessly. Let me know if you want to see other pics : 20180820_17490620180820_17492720180820_17495020180820_17485520180820_17500620180820_17482420180820_175041

If Antiflosse should jump off the deal I might be in… lemme know. Cheers!

I’ve updated the pics. In case you’re interested in the esc then please read my comments first! I can pm you close ups of the damage if needed.

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Hello dude. Sorry to hear that you have €£$¥ troubles. I hope I can help if you still have the koowheel battery for sale. Thanks mate.

thanks mate, i’ll check with the other interested members , if no feedback it’s yours. Are you from EU?

Hello mikedv. Do you have the battery and hub motors for sale? Thanks mate

Also Interested if no one else grabs the battery off of you, from Belgium myself so pickup should be possible.

I’m really interested in the hubs, I could use my own truck. Can you send me a picture of these?

Hello , will send you pictures when i am back home this evening , i’ll take some close ups . Hubs should be ok but if you buy them you will really need to change the trucks. I used it with bent trucks and fell of the board because of whobbles (which never occured before the trucks were bent) . And it really hurts when falling at +35kmh…

Hello, a few members are interested in the battery , do you still want it ?

Do you have a few pics of the single hub? I´m looking for something small for a pennyboard thing :slight_smile:

I am at work right so i cannot post a pic now but i bought it from Banggood a while ago and never used it. It’s this one:

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ah well, looks like you need a special truck for it to work… What was your installation plan for it?

same as you , i was going to use it on a small penny board (for my daughter) but i couldn’t find the right trucks to use it. I am not sure but i think the maxfind hub trucks are compatible with the hubs. Maxfind

ah man… they´re only for dual… I think i have to pass then unfortunately

no problem , they have other hubs on banggood , not sure however about the quality…


https://www.dhgate.com/product/single-drive-70mm-black-inductive-hub-motor/402665585.html This one looks ok :slight_smile: I´ll try to find something later, this project is on hold atm anyway