[EU] PARTS - full build - Loaded Cantellated Tesseract 10S3P 90mm Flywheels 2WD 6354 190KV Dual FESC6.6 plus

Hey there,

I was planning on upgrading my 1WD to a 2WD. Unfortunately, it has not come to that and now I would like to sell the parts here. I would prefer to sell everything together to have little effort. In any case, everything is included to have a ready to drive board at the end. In addition, many other parts are available from the project, which I will add. I have made a rough list of parts. Also a few photos of it…

Price in total 1000€

Battery 10S3P from VTC6 used
BMS Bestech 10S 80A used
Charger 3A used
Maytech Remote MTSKR1512 used
Loaded Cantellated Tesseract used
CUSTOM enclosure fiberclass by big ben used
Enclosure ABS incl. Foam seal (www.unikboards.com)
Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6 plus brand new
Flipsky 6354 190KV brand new
pulley 15T at least 2 new
pulley 20T at least 2 new
belts all new
Motor mount used
Motor mount new
Caliber Trucks 44° (green) used
ABEC 11 Flywheel 90mm 78A used
Amphetamine Ceramics Gold bearings used
Pulley for Flywheel 36T at least 2 new

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new price 900€

Trades ya a 12 s battery for the vesc

Don’t need any new stuff, Thanks. Just want to sell those parts.

no one interested here??

I want that’ vesc lol we’ll need it I’m tryin to sel l some shit so I can buy it

I would like to sell everything together. Let me know if you want the parts.

I can prob take the vesc tomm how much would U want for it

I would like to sell everything together. Let me know if you want ALL the parts.

PUSH 10char

PUSH 10char