EU poeple loocking for black Friday deals

Question, are there poeple loocking for deck, wheel, trucks or aything skate and esk8 related? Deals are so sweet but the shipping kills it, so loocking for poeple to split it with.

I myself am located i switzerland.


Which deals have you seen on decks & wheels (flywheel style)?

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ad alot more

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Hi. I plan on buying several thinhs from enertion, value is about 400€. I am located in Germany. I think if the value is at least 200€ they offer free shipping

yep, they also have eu warehous I think. Thinnking more about decks, trucks etc. heavy stuff. Or also stuff like shateshred etc.

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I also need Deck, trucks, motor pullies and stuff, so I will have look for these

enertion support chat said they ship directly from China so import duties and vat will be an issue.

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lol. most of those items have allways been on sale for the same price. good marketing I guess. (don’t get me wronng there are a few steals in the pile for sure)

No Thanksgiving for you!


I was looking for a follow me drone but then I realised I’m married


meaning your wife can control the drone while you ride?

meaing he would get shit on if he bought another “usless toy”.

I feel you brother :slight_smile: @banjaxxed


Not another “gadget” the term used for everything I own. Be it a skateboard, drone, wetsuit or all of the tools I use to earn the money to keep us paying the mortgage… Go figure.

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Thanks buddy but I meant I’m already followed by something droning :joy:


ahaha this is golden :slight_smile: just told my SO she is my follow me dronne, didn’t go over so well :slight_smile:

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You’re a braver man then I am :rofl: