[EU] Prices Reduced! End of year garage sale (vesc, 8s electronics, remote etc)

Hello there fellow eskaters!

Since Im planning on building a new eskate and need some money I am selling some eskate stuff that are collecting dust on my workbench. All the prices do not include shipping so that needs to be added, I am based in the Netherlands.


  • Torqueboards vesc never used (€85)
  • 8S electronics set: 8s 60A bms, 8s 2A charger, 8s 200A dual flier ESC (€90)
  • Nano X remote + receiver (€30)
  • 3S or 6S JST connectors (Free with other orders)
  • 4x 74mm wheels (€20)
  • 2x 5M 15t motor pulleys (€2 each)

All the parts:

Never used torqueboards vesc (4.12)

I want to sell the 8S electronics as a whole (dual esc + charger + bms)

Enertion nano X remote I have never realy used this remote (only have pealed of the stickers on it). The joystick is a bit rotated to clockwise and that can result in sliding with more resistance. It is fixable by yourself and on the end of this topic there is a link to a video that can help :wink:

About the flier dual ESC: This is an 8s 200a esc for a dual setup and works great and has a built in antispark. The esc has been repaired by flier themselfs so it is a fresh esc. It is also programmable! you can program functions just like the vesc (but then a bit more basic) with a special USB stick. I have lost the usb stick unfortunately but you can buy one for cheap from here for instance (I am still looking for mine tho):

The first person that buys two things or more will get a free enertion whistle (the wasp) :slight_smile: If you want better pictures or have questions just ask it!


I’d better pictures of the motor pulleys. Where are they from?

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IMG_20181228_191616 IMG_20181228_191541 some pictures are pretty wack, will never make pictures in the night haha. They are from banggood:

Thanks. No good for me since they have the flat spot and I don’t want to modify my axles.

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prices are reduced :slight_smile:

The nano X remote has been sold

Bump :grin:

How much w/ US shipping to Minneapolis, MN 55414 for the TB VESC?

Sadly enough the tb vesc is reserved, I will let you know when you can buy it or if it is sold!

The vesc is sold

Okay last bump I think

Who wants a whole set of 8s electronics for only €90 + shipping? It includes a 8s bms, charger and dual ESC which is programmable very nice! :slight_smile: