[EU] Pulleys, trucks, risers, belts, bolts, caliber motor mounts

Hi guys, I have some unused leftover parts for sale. I will ship outside EU, but without parcel insurance ( can be expensive ), it’s at your own risk.

Available items:

set of 8 45mm Truck Bolts - 5€ set

9mm truck riser set ( 2 ) - 7€ set

2 x Wheel Pulley - 12mm 36T - 30€ each

Shipping costs: https://cennik.posta.sk/en - select country from “World” button ( + packaging: < 1€ ). I don’t mind to ship the package using any method you want. Untracked / uninsured shipping methods are at your own risk. Or you can pickup the items in Bratislava if you live nearby ( eg. in Vienna ).

Bank Transfer / PayPal accepted, preferably friends&family mode, otherwise you pay the fee ( calculator: https://www.shopify.com/tools/paypal-fee-calculator ).

Those motor mounts are enticing. I’m in the us though. Could you do that?

I could, but the shipping would be 5 euros untracked, 7.30 tracked ( + packaging ).

Will buy 1 motor mount to UK with Registered Letter <100gr or Normal Letter <500gr. What is the diameter of motor mount shaft hole?

Ok, I will write it down.

If there is noone who will take both of them together, it’s yours :slight_smile:

Sorry for late response about the size, I had to measure it. It’s 15mm.

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I’ll take both if you can ship to Israel.

On second thought, I can ship them to a friend of mine in London. Hit me up!

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I can ship to Israel ( at your own risk as it’s outside EU ), it would be 5€ untracked, 7.30€ tracked. To London, it is 2.80€ untracked, 5.50€ tracked.

I would be interested in bolts but price on them is funny lol 5€ each bolt?

It’s 5 euros for set of bolts ( 4 bolts x 2 trucks, so total of 8 bolts & locknuts ). It’s the price I paid for them ( incl. import duties I had to pay ). I am selling these items non-profit ( sometimes even loosing a bit ).

I’ll ship it to London. Please provide Paypal account to transfer the money to.

Okay, it’s yours. I will get in touch with you via PM tomorrow as I’m going to sleep now.

Cheers guys.

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Just in case tome is no longer interested - i would buy both motor mounts.

How much for the risers shipped to finland?

7 eur - risers 1.40 eur / 2.90 eur - shipping 0.45 eur - packaging

Total: 8.85 eur untracked / 10.35 tracked

Hi, I just received the message from @Tomer that he is no longer interested so I guess you are lucky this time :smiley:

Let me know if you are still interested.

If somEone backs down, I’ll still buy one motor mount

@Grozniy okay, if @Luuke won’t reply in a day or so, I will PM you.

Also, 12mm motor pulleys are SOLD.

Ok, deal :slight_smile: