[EU] R2r Unik like and e-cruiser without battery

Yo !!I need to sell somestuff for buy a new push. Unik like, 100kms (all the pieces have 100kms )

The same as the Unik but assembled by me what changes:

10s3p battery Eskating Remote APs focboxs x2 under tool Akmaniack tool hourglass rings charger

All the rest come from Unik, very good quality on the way.

Excellent board, I’m reluctantly selling, but I have other projects

Bearings, wheels, battery belts etc, all at a distance of 100km, the remote had a small accident, I let drag a rag soaked in acetone above and the coating of a blister on the surface … it is purely visual.

Image Image Image Image Image

i ask 750euros

Cruiser Bustin by Okp,

Sale following an awkwardness on my part, I left it on, the battery did not support.

Not having the skill nor the sub to put in a battery currently, I wish to sell it all because it is an excellent setup.

Bustin Bonsai Deck Akashai wheels aps engine 190kv mm unik vesc sparkle / charger etc

it’s up to you to do or make a 12s2p to ride again.

I ask for 220euros Image

please send me a mail to [email protected] if you want more picture or anything



Hi Adrien !

How much to send the Bonsai to Paris (the board without battery but with charger) ? Can you put here some pictures of the wheels, to check the wear, please ?

Hi, i can ship it for 10€, the 4 wheels are in good condition.

check this

Unik pro is still available for 700euros, possibility to exchange for an emtb

hi, new price for the R2R Unik 2wd !! 650euros shipping included for Europe !! shipped with battery full charged (5cycles) , remote Alien power system and the charger , really ready to ride !!

or possible exchange with an emtb.