EU rear motor mount

I’m looking for a rear motor mount in EU where can i find one?

are you sure you want to rear mount? You won’t have a lot of ground clearance on most decks because of the kingpin. Which means you will constantly be scraping your motors

How would reversing the truck itself work?

not well :slight_smile:

rear mounting motors mean you will also lose the ability to adjust the bushing without moving/taking off the motor each time

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Or you can go evolve style with the double “gullwing” thing.

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Mind explaining a bit more?

y Like this. Gullwing carver trucks with evolve hangars and mounts.

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yeah @bigben explained it perfectly!!!:joy:

I think I’m about to reach the point where I will just top mount first, then maybe later figure something else out, thanks guys :slight_smile: