[EU] SALE Dual-Motor 12s MTB

Selling a Dual-Motor 12s MTB, 2nd Owner, 600-700km no problems

  • 12S1P Li-Po 8000mAh 30C battery with 60A BMS and power switch
  • Glass/carbon fiber custom battery case with battery level indicator, charger port and power switch
  • 50.4V 4A charger - battery charges in around 2-2,5h
  • Dual SK3 6374 192KV motors
  • Dual VESC`s 4.12, weatherproofed with liquid tape - removable
  • Aluminum drive train with 1:6 gearing, HTD5 15mm width belts (one belt as spare)
  • Modified NE:XT Blaze mountainboard with channel trucks and 9" tires (two inner tubes as spare)
  • Custom remote controller, made from GT-2B car RX/TX.
  • Tires, bindings, trucks, wood - perfect condition, just normal usage.
  • At rear is red blinking 4W LED strip for road safety.
  • Range is about 18-19 km at full power - avg speed is 22 km/h.
  • Speed is limited to 32 km/h, limit can be changed in BLDC VESC tool, theoretical max speed - 60 km/h.
  • Weight is about 15 kg.

Thinking about 850€ included shipping, Board is in AUSTRIA, shipping to EU

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Nice to see it has held up so many years. I hate top mount boxes. That one is actually decent. Kindof. Good luck selling it, someone will take it, longevity alone is a selling point.

Board is Sold