[EU][Sale]E-toxx, Trampa street carver motor mount

PRICEDROP: 300 incl shipping to EU

For sale Never used:

Dual Beltdrive Trampa Street Carver “Black Anadozised” Link

Abec wheels + trampa pulley’s

New price is around 450euro’s. Do a good offer and it is all yoursimage image image image image


Hello Pjotr. Why do you sell those great mounts? Going for direct drive ?

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@mikedv Yes indeed! :slight_smile: I hope to receive a good price from it, so I can use that money for the drives

Hope to see you during a group ride. My Trampa emtb build is ongoing IMG_20181023_200512 Success with the sale!


Nice! Looks very good :slight_smile: We can maybe do a drag race on a groupsride :wink: what setup do you gonna use?

& will first end those projects… 10s penny board & diy evolve bamboo image

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That’s funny because I have the same mini deck and an evolve diy clone :slight_smile: I am not 100% sure yet but it should be dual 6384s with dual focbox and 12s graphene limos. It will most probably be chain drive but I might also go for direct drive.




No way :hushed: :joy: + was also thinking about the 6384 motors motors. I will use a 12s4p sanyo pack

PRICEDROP: 300 incl shipping to EU