[EU][SALE] Single drive, 10s3p sony vtc6, sk3 190kv, Focbox €600

Because I am looking for some money for my trampa, I am selling this board. It is a modified production board (don’t know the name from the brand at this moment). I have used some parts I had laying around. I will fix the push button and bolts tomorrow.


  • Focbox (Used 200km)
  • 10s3p flexible Sony VTC6 pack with 80A bestechpower bms (new)
  • SK3 190kv 6374 motor (200km)
  • Nano remote (10km) *Antispark 100A (new) *Hobbyking trucks + motor mount (200km) *ABEC 11 97mm clones (200km) *% LCD *42v 2A charger

imageimage image image image



Price drop: 700 euro incl shipping to the whole EU

Price drop… 600euro excl shipping