[EU] Sell a New Focbox

I sell my unused Enertion Focbox! Newprice was 160€, Retailprice is 90€ with shipping! 20181001_145404%5B1%5D 20181001_145356%5B1%5D

90 or 100€ ? Shipping world wide?

I would take it. Living in Germany.

First, sorry I mean 90€! And yes, i can ship it world wide!


Not interested but you need it

Okay, so it’s better if you buy it because shipping works better for me!

As written above: If anyone is interested in a picture I can add a picture

always add pictures if you want to sell something it´s an unwritten law here :wink:

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that´s kind a cheep price. did you test the focbox? is everything working? you changed the phase bullet connectors?

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Unless you sell your soul…

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Check your inbox

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Is it sold? I’m also interested (from the Netherlands)

I think it is sold! Probably it will buy pjotr47 I have to check out!

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Thanks to all! The focbox is sold! @pjotr47 has bought it :wink: