[EU] Selling a bad motor, blown VESC, motor mount, Kama nunchuck + reciver and misc stuff

So I’m selling a bunch of stuff I’ve had laying around for the better part of a year. All prices are with shipping included(for EU) but not Paypal fees. I accept only Paypal and Swish(for swedish buyers). Prices can be discussed but I might not have time to answer all PMs, sorry. A quick transaction can lower the price a wee bit.

If you want specifics about the products, google it :slight_smile:

Motor: Turnigy 6364 245KV. Used for about 70km but I had the belt way too tight so after riding it for two summers two of the three screws inside the motor broke off. You’d need to get them out and then replace those. Might be more to it than that, but it worked when I used it last. It’s unsensored and comes with 5.5mm bullet connectors on it. It also comes with some stuff used to attach propellers to it.

Price: 30€

ESC: Hobbywing 120A(?) ESC that I used with my 6S4P pack two years ago. Works great and comes with a programming card and some extra capacitors you can solder on.

Price: 37€

SOLD!!! Motor mount: Torqueboards motor mount, unknown version. The angle is adjustable. It’s been good to me for two summers. Never had to tighten anything on it. But it is missing 5 screws and has some wear, nothing structually comprimising though.

Price: 25€

Controller: Kama wii nunchuck + reciever for VESC. Have worked great for me. Only got a cut out once when I placed the reciever on the phase wires. After setting your VESC to “Nunchuck” in the app settings it’s basically plug and play. The controller has some scratches and doesn’t look very nice. The “C” and “Z” buttons are switched around mechanically inside. Makes for a more comfortable finger position when on cruise control.

Price: 40€

Reciever: It’s a Wiiciever that connects with a Kama nunchuck reciever and then to any ESC. I used it in combination with my old Hobby Wing ESC. I’ve barely seen them on this forum though.

Price: 30€

!!!SOLD!!!VESC: It’s a Torqueboard VESC 4.12 that I bought about 8 months ago. It has the latest VESC Tool firmware so I believe you can’t flash it with BLDC tool any longer. I’ve ridden about 1km on it in BLDC before I blew it. Needs a new DRV chip. Comes without any wires on it.

Price: 30€

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I’ll take the vesc and the receiver that work with the nunchuck

Well it should be, but I can’t guarantee anything of course. If you change the DRV and it doesn’t work I can’t give you the money back. Is that OK?

Do you mean the WiiCiever?

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Yes and yes! I mean sometimes the pcb can be ruined by the fet blowing (Pad broken off) leaving it unrepairable, but I understand that you have no way of knowing so let’s just go ahead.

The wiiceiver I had in mind using with a kama for which i shorted the receiver and it no longer works, I think you said it will work with the Kama in which case yep want it

Great! PM me and we’ll get Paypal and shipping adress sorted :slight_smile:

Yeah, but you still need a Kama reciever to get the signals from the nunchuck to the ESC. The piece you’d normally insert in to the Wii needs to be attached on the board.

cool just the vesc then, will pm for details

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Giving this a shot and hoping someone wants to buy my spotwelder! It’s a Sunkko 788H that has done a total of 3 batteries. I’ve done about 1150 welds in total with it and only had one issue, about 100 welds in. After almost completing my first battery there was some weird noises(sounded like something shorting) from inside. I quickly turned it off and on again and have since never had any issues with it.

It has never blown any fuses like some of these seems to do. Welds great as long as you keep the copper clean with some sandpaper/steel wool in between welds.

Price 160€ + paypal fees with free shipping in EU