(EU) Selling Evolve Bamboo GT Parts

Hey guys, parting out my bamboo gt as i no longer need it. Im already working on a new build. Parts are in very good condition. I combined some of the items together for example motor plate and trucks etc…

Remaining: Remote, Street Kit

Shipping from EU Bulgaria full photo album : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w5t1abewqvp46yq/AAADKU3-V27w4Mj81BDanteCa?dl=0

GT Remote

40€+ shipping

Super carve trucks front and rear + dual motor plates


GT Street Conversion Kit

I used these wheels for like 10km at most and then switched to flywheels so they are almost as new. Although bearings are missing in the photos i will include them too. 85€+shipping

AT Conversion Kit

as far as i remember they never seen off road conditions SOLD

Bamboo GT Deck + Enclosure

Never crashed the board so theres not even a noticeable scratch on it. Enclosure has some surface scratches due to speed bumps but nothing major. SOLD

GT motors


I have cal 2 50 in raw grey new. What would you trade?

hey man thanks for the interest. i’m looking to get black, red or white version of them. i will add this info to the top

I’m interested in the turcks and motors. I live in EU

What are the inner dimensions of the enclosure?

Why arent you selling it as a complete? Keeping the battery? Battery is the weakest part of those boards.

How many teeth are on the pulleys in the street conversion kit and what the width?

32T at 15mm width

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@rickyd like @BoostedBuilder said they are 32T 15mm

@Jebe complete is totally an option if anyone is interested but i dont have the battery and the bms. they both failed, thats one of the reasons for this sale.

I better provide some pictures

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Motor controller, trucks and AT kit sold.

available: Deck+enclosure, Remote, Street kit, motors

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motors sold. available: Deck+enclosure, Remote, Street kit

I’m interested in the deck + enclosures, can you find out what the shipping will be to Denmark?

let me check

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its 20€ with tracking

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Deck sold, remaining only street kit 85€ and remote 40€

I am interested in the remote - how much is shipping to the uk?


replied in PM

remote sold, GT street conversion kit still available.

noch zu haben das board