EU Sickboards caliber truck sale

These are well priced at the moment, thought I’d share. Loads of other great stuff on sale too.


sweet. i couldnt find them cheaper than 60. :grinning:

Check out the decks as well. They also have surf rodz at 50% off if you buy in parts.

Those aren’t Caliber II’s though


Any one want so truck,motor mount pulley and maybe so motor my board catch fire last night nearly burn me house luckily I have fire alarm so I am selling the parts

Wow how it happened! You ready to share some details? We always interested to understand how things happen to prevent that it will happen with others too!!! Man hope you alright!!!

Bluetomato has caliber 2 for 20€ each

link plz. can only find caliber v1 for 24,95 v2 34,95-36,95

The picture is for v1 but I got V2 almost a year ago :man_shrugging: It was 20€ 3 days ago

I just plug it in like always and leave some time i leave it overnight,so I was watching tv with my daughter about 16:00 I saw my son running from upstairs and I ask him what’s the problem and he said smoke coming from couple seconds there was a big fire.I would say if anyone charging keep a eye on it

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Thx for sharing!

Your welcome

That would be almost a decent deal if it they were caliber-II’s but there not.

I saw a pair of those trucks go for 25$ on amazon.