EU - - 20% off everything for next 12 hours!

just got this email, 20% of everything for the next 12 hours. I will grab some deck and trucks for sure!

coupon code is: HALLOWEEN-2018

Good find, they stock the TSG Pass. I didn’t get one but its worth mentioning.

It’s not working anymore :frowning:

It’s HALLOWEEN-2018, not HALOWEEN-2018 :slight_smile: try it, works for me!

yep sorry, its haLLoween-2018 made purchase 15 mins ago

thank you!

Any inspiration what I could buy? I have currently some bearings tsg pass and tsg dhps… Are the tsg dhps running small or large? And should I measure real thigh or just above the knee?

They sell nice gloves from Sector 9. Lightning are the ones I got and cut the trigger finger off.

don’t know about TSG sizes, don’t have any of their products. I bought loaded basalt tesseract, cheap sliding gloves, hip protection and some hardware. search from category to category, you will find things you don’t even need :smiley: but hurry up, 20 mins left!

Could you tell me the baseplate thickness of the paris trucks? I want the fitting hardware for the hummie deck… with riptide risers…

Is a baseplate thicker than 3mm(paris v2) if yes I need 2" if not I can do it with 1 3/4" I am stressed out f*** the timing… My board is in the car and I can’t measure…

Here you go


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Love you !!!

Love you too x

I’m not sure if they are v1 or 2 can’t remember

Which hip protection?, I can’t find any…

I already got nice leather gloves from my grandfather, so I only recycle and don’t make more animals suffer… but thank you for the tip anyways!

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I got this one. but there are others under protectors