EU source for proper neutral cure SILICONE or PU please?

I have problems finding silicone (preferably black) which doesn’t harm electronics, is non-corrosive and non-conductive for e.g. sealing electronic parts (or close to electronics/battery), support the capacitors on the PCB, glue/seal copper bars/wires or solder joints and glueing 18650 cells together…

I’ve bought RTV silicone from an electronic store but it is acetate cure which is not good for any electronics.

I’ve bought neutral cure silicone as recommended by the community. Well it stinks like hell because of fungicide.

All neutral cure silicones I can find are made for construction/windows and so on. It’s not in the description but it seems like most of them have fungicide inside. Or is this no problem?

I found some products which might be suitable but I’m not sure (german links)

Any input is appreciated!

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Maybe sikaflexÅMÅZÕÑ&qid=1546444319&sr=8-2&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=sikaflex+221&dpPl=1&dpID=41hDhd%2BGY5L&ref=plSrch


Thanks for the link, I’ll do some research for more info/data sheets at work. I have to leave home soon.


It was just the first I found and we use it on mass at work, but never directly on electronics. Maybe check the sika home page for more details. One good thing on it, it sticks like hell. You can glue everything together and be sure you will not get it off without to cut it. And it doesn’t smell :pray: as min not the one we use :joy:

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I found this too

It’s from a Sweden site and I can’t open other Eu loctite sites… idk why… I‘m sure you can get it also close to you, but could be a bit more expensive…loctite usual :unamused:

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Sikaflex or tigerseal… both have worked very well for me.


I use black 521, but I wonder what is the difference with the 221 ? 521 has no solvents (no isocyanates), no PVC, no silicone it’s why I choose it but I would like one 100% sure for electronics too, for my ESCape !

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The 221 poped up as first search result to „sika for electronics“ that’s why I linked it :sweat_smile:

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hooo nice I will try it here ^^

Have a look into this stuff. I use it a lot at work and have used it for batteries. Should be widely available.

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Thanks a lot for your suggestions @Andy87 @amazingdave @Riako @bigben :+1:
I didn’t anwer because I’m still digging deeper and deeper in the endless internet, it takes forever…

Meanwhile I found some silicones especially for electronics but still searching for the best links/prices before I post it here. BTW the Loctite 719 is only available in sweden :laughing: even Loctite doesn’t list it.


TIme for an update. For sealing enclosures and gluing cells I’ll take sikaflex.

For sealing electronics I’ve found some expensive stuff but finally found the cheap version of it at HK :laughing:

Check the links above, they are in EU stock right now and made for PCB’s and any electronics. Mabye the K703 is harder because it’s also for strain relief of cables. I’ve bought both and test the difference first, gonna use it e.g. to secure the capacitors to the PCB and sealing/insulating solder joints.

The expensive version of such silicone for electronics I’ve found is made by ACC SILICONES: AS1700 AS1701 AS1703 AS1704 AS1724 AS1725 AS1740 AS1745T AS1745G




Hiiiiaaaaaa ! Thx a lot siiiiir :grin:

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Meanwhile I received the Hobbyking silicones, ordered 3x K-703 and 3x K-705 and got 6x the transparent K-705 wtf :unamused:

Did some tests with different materials and waiting for curing. 144321h

The consistency is very strange, more like a thin fluid, it floats in all directions and has no structure like normal silicone. It’s almost useless, maybe it’s good for gluing or coating but that’s it.



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@rich here’s where I used to buy mine from.

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Also researching the same thing, also found this one

They use “acc silicones” at work, don’t know which one exactly, but you might find the right one by browsing their catalog.

After 17 days, many e-mails and 2 RMA’s at Hobbyking I finally received the white silicone which is much better than the transparent one. It keeps the shape like silicone should be :grinning:

Here the link again

Will upload some pics later when there is space again.

Offtopic but some words about CA (superglue). I’ve tried different brands and am shocked about the heavy differences.

As reference I glue 4x AA cells in a row together (did that with 18650’s, too.). With e.g. CA from Hobbyking it’s no problem to tear them apart even without twisting. WIth proper CA it’s impossible to tear them apart, no way! Only after vey heavy twisting the foil breaks and you have the naked cell in your hand.

BTW proper can be dirty cheap, my favourite CA is from the local shop KIK, 5x2gr. for 1€.

I also test silicone with AA cells before using it on 18650’s to know the strength. The transparent HK silicone for example is rubbish, wouldn’t call it a glue. I’m looking forward to test the sikaflex when I receive it and see if CA is still necessary.