[EU] TB 6374 190kv motors, TB motormount, 83mm wheels , 90mm wheels, Metr module

Hey Guys! So i have some parts that i have no use for that i wish to sell

2 TB motor 6374 One is fully functional and the other has been repaired (glued magnets) but i havent been able to test it. It seems to spin fine.

  • 70 euro for the working one (short shaft)
  • 30 euro for the repaired one. (long shaft) 24 56

83mm and 90mm Clone wheels. 83mm has been used for around 200km and the 90mm has not been used, pulleys has only been test mounted on those.

  • 83mm 20 Euro
  • 90mm 25 Euro 07 59

Metr module for vesc or focbox (Note! Not working with android 8.0 at the moment)

  • 20 Euro 29

TB Motormount 63mm for caliber 2 trucks + extra clamp (total 2 clamps)

  • SOLD 36


Can be picked up in Helsingborg or be sent out. Buyer needs to pay for the shipping. Thanks! =)

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@Jazz here ya go mate!!

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