EU| Testing Market 18650 Pre-spot Welded Packs

Hi Guys,

I am thinking for buying a spotwelder and make battery packs. I am from Belgium so it is for the whole EU :wink: Now I want to know if there is a market for…

The packs can be with or without BMS. I was thinking of a price of 200euro for a 10s4p 10000mah 80amps (LG battery’s) without BMS

What do you think guys?

Great idea, sadly at first you wont have many customers as a rookie welder. But if you devote enough time building packs, it could be your part time job :wink: It would help to build a pack first, post photos of the welds and then offer your services :slight_smile:

i would be interested but i would have to see pics


I think that I go order my spotwelder :wink:

There is @onlytesla in Europe, who has been making custom battery packs professionally for quite a while already.

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