EU Torqueboards 218 trucks with modified marcmounts and riptide thanes and cups

These are 6 months old (185km) with one hanger replaced 2 months ago. Riptide bushings and pivot cups.

Bracing added to marcmounts. Stainless idler bearings. Upgraded idler carriers. Fits dual 6374 with room to spare. Works well with AliExpress 6x2 wheels. (You can buy the pair of 60t pullies and adapters from me for an additional! £20) or with whatever urethane wheels float your boat.

£155 delivered in the U.K. £165 to EU. No point shipping to USA as torqueboards are much cheaper on your side of the pond.


image|476x500 image image image

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@Acido maybe ?


will take

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Sold pending payment.

Still available?

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