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[EU] Trampa v6.5 Motor mounts

Sold the rest of the board and forgot I had these laying around… The Mount have been used for no more than 30~ km

150,- Euro for the whole kit with shipping

@idea v6.5 Motor mounts Idea v6.5 motor mounts for the full with mtb trampa trucks 100 (EU) with shipping or offer me a good price

60T Wheel pully’s + Belt 60T Superstar/Megastar hub pully’s + Belts 60 (EU) with shipping or offer me a good price

Hello :slight_smile: Are your motor mounts (/whole kit) still available and if yes would you consider shipping it to Canada doable?

Hey, Yeah the kit is still availible. Would not mind shipping it there its quite a small pakage.

Just checked that delivery is about 30 euro’s Does 170,- for the whole lot seem like a fair price to you ?

it absolute does seem like a fair price

If you send my your payment + shipping details i’ll try and send it out this weekend. Send it with paypal as friends and family to [email protected]

okay payment done, kinda hurt but hurt less than the more expensive ones haha

yeah considering what i payed for this you got a pretty good deal hahah

Send my you full name shipping details email and number please