[EU] Truck, mount, belt and pulleys (€29)

Hi guys,

I have been thinking, would there be interest in a set of these for €29?

  • The truck is the one that maytech sells
  • 36T HTD5M 15mm wide wheel pulley 3D printed in ABS or XT with bearing for flywheel clones or kegel wheels (the one on pic is PLA and for flywheels)
  • 15T HTD5M 15mm wide motor pulley with 8mm bore (the one on picture is 9mm wide)
  • 260mm HTD5M belt 15mm wide (the one on picture is 9mm wide)

Shipping will be €5 for Belgium & €13 for the rest of the EU.

If there are at least 20 interested peeps, I think I can make this work :slight_smile:

I will have to order the parts after CNY, so probably I will be shipping around 5 march. (If enough people are interested)

Cheers Frederic

Kegel pulley, designed but not printed yet.

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I love that pulley design! Any chance you might sell that one alone? It uses a normal skateboard bearing right?

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Thanks :blush: Yes normal bearing, wich one do you want? For the kegel or flywheel?

I hate to say it, but that mount looks like garbage. i don’t recommend it.

also, you’re not supposed to do group buys unless you’re level 3. @moderators

I have been using that mount for over a year and it works great for me :slight_smile: Have you already tried it? And I’m suggesting a groupbuy is that not allowed aswell? @moderators I can delete the word “groupbuy” if you want :frowning:

Hi Frederic, thanks for starting a shop in the EU. Currently options are limited so another shop is all ways welcomed. On that note, please try to contribute to this forum and community more. All of your posts on this forum have been promoting you shop or selling parts. This will help you gain the trust of your customers

Also, have you tested all of your parts? They are mostly Chinese and some of them are very low quality. If you want to succeed you will need to get quality parts first.

Good luck with your future endeavors


Hi thanks for the feedback. Yes I tested all the parts for almost a year. I had a webshop before but just made a new one and I’m trying to promote it a bit… That’s the reason why my latest post were about promoting, will try to contribute more in future!

Forum guidelines: You must be trust level 3 regular to organize a group buy.


For those who are interested, I put the truck + mount + belt + pulleys online here for a limited time @ 29 euro’s :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity… The belt tensioning on those mounts can be adjusted or no?

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Is the motor mount plate made of Aluminum or Steel?

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No, but it’s tight tension as it comes, I will laser some new where the motor can slide :slight_smile: (Those are the standard ones from maytech)

It’s not aluminum for sure, it’s steel probablly with some thermal treatment to make it stiffer, it’s very strong for sure :+1::+1:

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i’ll bet you money it’s aluminum

No it’s not, aluminum won’t be strong enough at that thickness

that’s exactly my point

this is straight from the maytech product description “aluminium motor mounts“


Than they need to update their site :wink:

They also need to update their industrial designer. These designs (including the new remote) give me the impression this guy worked previously for Durex :rofl:


you say that like it’s a bad thing…? :rofl:

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