[EU] UK - Focbox unity, 10S2P 30Q Flatpack, Dual N5055, 90MM Hubs

  • Focbox unity - In hand. Looking to sell for 290 EUR/261 GBP.
  • 10S2P Samsung 30Q pack w/ inbuilt BMS. 25A Cont in VESC works well. Used briefly for about 20 Cycles Asking £90
  • Dual 90MM Hub motors w/ replaceable urethane. Pretty powerful and great for mid tier builds where full urethane isnt as much of an issue (flexy decks, etc). Unused, comes with 6 Spare urethanes, Asking £150
  • N5055 Motors - Pretty nice in a dual setup, more powerful than people usually think. Unused. £25 each image




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If it’s £25 for both motors I’ll take them.

xD no, not that cheap. I’d hang onto them myself at that point, as they’re unused they are a little higher. Unsensored though so maybe I will hang onto them. Its one of those things where once ive paid shipping from china it isnt worth selling them again because its so much of the price. I guess i got them for free though

Focbox unity still available?

No, sorry. 10char

Ill take the battery and motor if still available

They both are, PM me your address and paypal if you’d like them

Your price including the postal i presume.

No, especially not to non UK addresses