[EU] UPDATED: New: Turnigy SK8 6354 200 KV, Turnigy SK3 260 KV, 8s Charger, 10s2p Samsung 30Q


I want to get rid of some things to make room for new stuff :slight_smile: So here we go:

[NEW] Turnigy SK8 6354 200KV Brand new, never used Turnigy motor. Only opened the box to let you see there is actually a motor inside. 4928 Price 55€

[USED] Turnigy SK3 260 KV Used but still great motor. I ground a flat spot on the shaft so that you can use a pulley with screws to fix it. 59 Price 40€

[USED] 8s (33,6V) 2.0 A Charger Used but stil in a good condition. Laptop-style charger. 18 Price 5€

[USED] 10s2p Samsung 30Q spotwelded This battery was only charged once and hasn’t seen the street. Only used for testing purposes, so its like new. The battery was spotwelded by a german guy: https://www.ebay.de/str/akkuservicedellinger without fish paper. I added a charge only BMS from ebay. 47 Price 90€

All prices are without shipping cost. If you are interested in an item, we can look for the best possible shipping method/price :slight_smile:

That pack is super cheap Thats 80e in cells only!

Wow yeah its cheap - possibly interested

I currently have someone who is interestet in this too. If he declines it, I’ll get back to you :slight_smile:

anybody knows if one can reterminate the motor windings to achieve a lower kv? if so I am interested in the racerstar motors.

The racerstar motors probably werent detected because it seems you have to run them in FOC for them to be found. I had one that was detected when I did bldc and another that wasnt. Updated firmware on vesc and motor/sensor detect in FOC and both came up first try.


I couldn’t try foc because my vesc weren’t able to handle it. I simply bought new motors and now everything is working :smile:

Since that I don’t have any use for the racerstars and I can sell them to @Maxid probably that he can experiment with them :slight_smile:


I could be interested in the sk8 6354 motor and battery if you can ship it to Denmark for a reasonably price?

The battery is currently reserved, but the motor would be ready to go. :slight_smile:

DHL says about 9€ Untracked. 13.99€ tracked shipping.

well i might just give it a try to reterminate them - how much for the racerstars and the two additional alu pulleys to germany? What width are the pulleys for? 15mm?

There is already someone interested in the pulleys. The red ones are for free and for 15mm belts

Racerstars 35€ + 5€ tracked shipping.

Interested ≠ paid I can transfer the 45€ right now :wink:

@moon Pack is available again :slight_smile:

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Hold on for me?

Might buy it for a friend for his first build.

@moon Sure, I‘ll reserve it for you.

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If that Battery pack turns ou to be available again for some reason, add me to the list :joy:

is the charger still for sale? am interested

Yeah, still for sale. Where are you located?


I think I can get shipping for 3,70€. But let me have a closer look after I’m back from work :slight_smile:

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