[EU/US] 22$ Carbon Motor mounts anodized aluminum clamp

##:point_right: Group buy for $22 mounts is closed.:point_left: @Shogu12 has another 100 mounts that can be sold and shipped when shipping the ones from the group buy.

This thread is for everyone who wants to buy the motor mounts @shogu12 is having made. (I just made the topic in the group buy catergory for him)

Prices: Carbon 8$ Clamp 12$ Hardware 2$ Full set 22$

Shipping: US 6$ EU 9$ Canada 8$

Order will be placed on the 27th of April. You will receive a pm with paypal info. Money for parts is due at order shipping when I receive the order from the manufacturer. After order it will be 30 days before I get the parts and then 6 days for USA and about 14 days for Europe.

Here’s the form for orders:


in with 4 sets




in with 2 full sets

in with min. 2 sets! Pretty sure you meant 27th of April :wink:

EDIT:// are these good for dual drive (6355) ?

will these be the round ones now with inserts to fit on different trucks? Which inserts are included?

Do you have an pics of what the mounts will looks like? Are paris inserts available?

These are caliber only. I modified @fedestanco design centered some holes and added material where I thought necessary. Left original right modified.

Here are the two parts that are being made: 5mm 3k twill carbon and 7075 12mm hard anodized aluminum.

@Maxid The universal mounts will need to wait as I have no 3d files or measurements for the inserts for any trucks other than gullwing sidewinders.

Sweet, I’m down for 2 sets

The outer wall on the center mounting hole for the motor plate seems a bit thin, doesn’t it?

You just showed us pictures for Caliber trucks - so you must have the dimensions for them :wink:

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What about the idea to make the Carbon plate a little longer (roughly 1cm) and add holes for a belt Tensioner. They can be made like slots so that you can adjust the position. Would make the motor mount even better.


@rwxr The outer wall will not have much to handle as the friction of the carbon being pushed down on the aluminum is what makes this hold… hard to explain in english for me but basically the force you tighten the screw with times the surface touching. But there is no way the screw will tear out or damage the aluminum without the carbon part being destroyed from what ever impact caused that much force.

@Shogu12: Alright, you’re the engineer :slight_smile:

please remove the inner surface of the clamp by 1mm each side like i mentioned in the other thread! Otherwise people start filing the anodized part away to make it fit.

yep! Running two dual drives with 6355 and 12mm with them

Count me in for 6 full sets!

I’ll take 2 complete sets.

in for 2 complete sets also, i can send over monies whenever you’re ready.

I am in for 1 complete set

I’m in for 2 sets