[EU/US] 22$ Carbon Motor mounts anodized aluminum clamp

Possible to order soon? ( could you confirme my payment?)

Can people still join in on this ? I’m tempted but can these be rear-side mounted for a dual setup ?(Evolve-like)

I just made the payment for one full set.

Count me in for 2 sets to Norway! I have filled out the form, and will transfer the money as soon as you send me your paypal information :sunglasses:

In for 1 set

Everyone who ordered before today is in for 22$ I have placed the orders and my bank is processing the transfers. If you wish to still part take you can fill out the form but the mounts will cost you 30$ as you are now dipping into my stock. I thank everyone for their participation and hope for a smooth process down the road. I will update as things ship, arrive and ship to you / get to germany and ship to everyone in the EU. Cheers. Next thing I will be ordering are Carbon Fiber Decks @ 200$ a piece with room for 12s7p batteries and 4 vescs. Also 12s5p Batteries: Cell: Samsung 25RM (2500mAh 8C) Configuration: 12S5P Voltage: 44.4V Capacity: 12.5Ah Peak discharge current: 100A .) Dimensions: 25 x 140 x 650 mm @ 400$ piece. If this group buy turns out successful and everyone is happy I’ll consider decks and batteries otherwise you’ll be able to buy them outright for 250$ and 430$.


Confirmed I got it

Is this still open ?

OOOOOOO carbon fiber, i love it when you talk carbon to me! do you have designs drawn up already?

yea, i’d love so see some designs for the deck. it’d be great if it’s like the enertion deck with a lid to avoid having to get an enclosure.

either way, looking forward to it!

Check post 141 on this thread its up there, looks realy good too, very similar to Evolve! @thisguyhere

Omg that’s so sexy, yea I’m in 100%.

The group buy for 22$ is closed but you can buy one of mine for 30$ amd get it at the same time as the group buy.

hey @Shogu12, is there an organized GB for the CF Deck yet? whats the timeline on that part?

I’m not sure if we’ll get the peole necessary for it. Need 100 people to make it viable.

What the current delay to get a mount ?

The carbon parts are done I am just waiting on the aluminum parts that should be ready in 20 days. I guess there is some labor holiday until the 1st of may that delayed the the shipping for the aluminum to start making the parts.

But these are done. I`m sorry the aluminum is taking longer but it is out of my control. @hornet90


How do I go about buying this? I can send money through paypal. Pm me I’d like to buy a set

Hey @Shogu12, I’d like to order a full set from you. I’m in Canada. How can I pay and send you the info ?

How do I buy this I want 2 full sets