[EU/US] 22$ Carbon Motor mounts anodized aluminum clamp

Put me down for 2 sets.

put me down for 2 full sets please!

I’ll take 1 complete set.

I’m in with 1 full set. :slight_smile:

I would like 2 sets!


I am in for 1 set.

Waht about making the carbon plate a little bit longer and add slots for belt tensioner?


2 sets for me EU shipping :slight_smile:

I’m in for two

Count me in for 2 as well. Shipped to US. Shoot me a PM when ready to pay.


Please explain or sketch what you mean.

I’ll take 1 please!

Update I made somemore modifications to ensure the screws fit with no hassle. I increased hole sizes from 5mm and 6mm to 5.1 and 6.1. Also theses will not be lasercut but cnc milled to 0.1mm exact I reduced the material on the clamping surface to ensure clamping then checked in Inventor to make sure they fit.

there is plenty of room to clamp.


Count me in for 2!!!

I’ll take one. You guys should start a Google Form, this is going to get crowded.

I’ll take two complete sets. :slight_smile:

@rwxr made one https://goo.gl/forms/Xcn4doRnXiqb1aDl1

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I’m in for 2 complete sets! With shipping to Canada please. Added myself to the form)

In for two! Filled out the form as well.

I just thought about something like this. this mount is 1 cm longer and adds the space for slots so that idlers (tensioners) can be mounted.

And the clamb should be round at the side that faces the ground. Otherwise it will make you fall when you hit something with it.

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