[EU/US] Aluminum flywheel/kegel pulley with integrated bearing for Caliber E-truck or TorqueBoard trucks + Normal kegel pulleys

Hey guys

I’m doing a pre-sale for some different aluminum pulleys

  1. Aluminum flywheel pulley with an integrated bearing for caliber E-trucks or torqueboard trucks. The pulleys are made for abec11 flywheels and might fit for some flywheel clones.

It’s a 36T pulley and for 15mm wide pulleys

Price is 24.99 euro’s, normal retail will be 40euro’s

I now also ship to the US with DHL express :slight_smile:

Expected delivery end november InsertPulleyFlywheel_480x480

  1. Aluminum Kegel pulley with integrated bearing:


  1. Aluminum Kegel pulley with bolts for normal caliber trucks:

Kegel bolt-on please. How many Abec pulleys do we need? There are tons of options out there, just needs a different bolt pattern…


I will order them aswell, design will be ready one of the next days

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So minimum axle is 47mm?

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Is it possible to use this pulleys with the extended trucks and dual 6374?

Yes :slight_smile: 10char

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No, dual 6355 is possible :slight_smile:

Something like this would be sweet af …


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SEISMIC SPEED VENTS please some one please or at least a kegal…but there are so many better wheels then abec

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Here you go @anon42702729



You are only offering 36t right? Awesome price though. Really tempting!

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Got mine, thank you @e.board_solutions

4 pulleys for the same price as 2 on other shops, sexy business.

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@maxid @brenternet It’s because it’s a presale :smiley: and yes only 36T atm

For the ones looking for a good deal, PRE-SALE is still open :open_hands:

You need to keep this deal for black friday :wink:

The presale is still open, will prolly keep them until BFCM :wink:

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Any news on delivery for these @e.board_solutions ?

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hey I should get them next week and than I will ship out in the week of 10december, there was some production delay, sorry :confused:

No rush, just wanted to check in.

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So theoretically people can still buy them for the discounted price now and receive them in 2 weeks time? Have you got enough stock?

Should promote these bad boys hard now!

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