[EU] Used and new parts (trampa board, wheels, motors, helmet, trucks)


im selling some items (the shipping is not included)

update: prices updated, if anyone are interested send me a private message with your country name and zip code to check the shipping cost.

Mounts for caliber II trucks

Price: 30€ / each

Condition: new

Comments: screws for motors not included



2 Motors Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-149kv

Price: 80€

Condition: Used

Comments: i’ve made a hole on each motor shaft to fit the motor pulley.



Remote controller + Receiver

Price: 10€

Condition: New


Airless All-Terrain Wheels from diyeboard

Price: 40€

Condition: used, good condition. Comments: 6’’ 150*50mm 70A, hubs and pulleys not included.



Dual Belt Drive 1400W*2 N5055 Motor Power Truck + Front Truck Kit from diyeboard

Price: 80€

Condition: New.

Comments: Wheels size 83*52mm, bolts are not included, more info


Evolve remote controller

Price: 50€

Condition: New.


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I would be interested if you part out the turnigy sk3 6374 149kv motors

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Would be interested in the trampa trucks lmk

@BearHere Here Bear?! :smiley:

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How much for the deck if you part out?

How much for the flywheels? Might want the helmet too if all can be shipped together… pm’d

Priiice bro’!

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Thanks for all your messages, please send me a private message with your best offer and i will consider the best option

How much for tgs pass?

Mmmh you’re supposed to post the price with the things your selling if you’re waiting for offers, just put a price a little higher than what you want, so we have an idea at least :wink:

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Hey I sent you a message about those freebord bindings, hope you’re not dead

He is alive but very busy :slight_smile:

You should add price

Try 75% of retail if new, but less if used in good condition

Is the helmet sold?

Would be interested in the evolve remote? Could i use this on any set up and dose it come with the reserver/transmitter? And how much dude? Thanks

Pretty poor comms here - i do know he sold the helmet though so who knows what he’s got left? :-/

update: the helmet is sold to @Ukesu

i think the remote just works only for evolve boards, there is not receiver in the package

I would buy the wheels and wheel pulleys if you part out.