[EU] USED - For Sale: Vanguard Flex 2, Orangatang Kegels, 6374 for salvaging?

Hey guys,

Just cleaning up a bit:

1x Vanguard Flex 2 - From my build thread. It is trimmed down to Flex 3 size and shape. There are also holes drilled and a cable channel routed. It does however ride fine and is definitely usable & rideable. The holes can be covered up or you could lay a carbon fiber sheet on the bottom. Up to you. 45€

Also there is a custom griptape design ontop. Just take it down if you want to. You’ll have to apply clear griptape or new griptape afterwards. I honestly don’t know what I can get for this so I’d listen to price offers.

1x 6374 190kv sensored from the EU group buy. This one is probably busted ? The shaft has come loose and this I’d only recommend this to someone who wants to salvage the parts. Last time it was on my board it ran fine in BLDC. I’d recommend you only run this again if you can solve the shaft issue. It turns fine and the shaft seems to be stable in that position but doesnt go in further. 30€

1x Orangatang Kegel Set 83mm 80a these have been ridden for around 300km. 35€

Dude - it is in his initial post

yeah I know I have already sent him a PM, I have noticed that 3 second after my message :smiley:

Push ! Price for Vanguard added after getting some offers !

If only you were in the US :frowning: I’d highly consider taking the vanguard off your hands. GLWS!

Hi. Sent PM

Whats left?

are the wheels and vanguard left?

I got a Vanguard for 250$ ig you want

I would like to buy the orangatang wheels Do you ship to Germany ?