[EU] USED - For Sale: Wheels, Belts, Bluetooth module, Motor mounts

I’m selling some used parts, because I switched from a street longboard to a mountainboard.

If you want to have some 3D printed pulleys other than listed, we can talk about that. Prices are all negotiable and without shipping cost. I tried to keep the prices as low as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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interested in motor mount and 3d service. will send pm :wink:

Hi Bullrider, I am interrested in the two motor pulleys. How mcuh would be the shipping to France ?

@akira the price would be 3,70 € :slight_smile:

Hi Bullrider,

how much would me shipping to Croatia for Mountainboard Deck?

Hello @bullrider12 I am just curious as to how do you mount the pulleys to the shaft? do they have grub screws between the teeth? I am asking because I need to modify mine and I am not sure if there is enough mass for the grub screw to sit in under the belt.

Great ! I’ll take them. How can I pay you ?

@tux-scooby I need to calculate the price and get a nice package. Please be patient with me :slight_smile:

@Martinsp Im glueing all of my pulleys with Loctite 648. It’s a rock solid method to mount the pulleys on the shaft :slight_smile:

@akira you can pay me per paypal. PM me :slight_smile:


Can you 3D print enclosure?

I want the powerslide roadwarriors

Im also interested in the MBS Atom 80 deck, im in the UK, pm me for payment and postage details if its not already sold… :slight_smile:

The MBS deck is currently reserved. But if anything changes I will let you know. :slight_smile:

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@Nemesis I’m sorry but the deck is sold.

Hey, no worries thanks for the quick reply…

My mountainboard bindings arrived today. They are in a very good condition, @bullrider12 is a very nice seller. Would buy from him at any time again :slight_smile: I give 5 stars

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Thank you for the beautiful review mate :smile:

Just wanted to say that I received the bluetooth module no problem. Shipping from Germany to Canada took only about a week! :slight_smile:

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Does it work? :slight_smile:

And the big wheels are in Ireland thanks :shamrock:

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Don’t know yet! Haha I’ve been too lazy to open up my board. I’ll do it in the next couple days.